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About Fitness Trainer at Home

Highly skilled and experienced in fitness industry, I, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, love to treat the bodies in a way to live longer and look smarter. I understand the needs of people according to their age, profession, occupation, personal preferences, and gender.

As a fitness coach and expert

Having depth knowledge of relative connection of health, body, and exercise, I offer my services at the cheapest rates as a fitness expert. Being well is my prominent focus and bodily shape and appearance are secondary. My training exercises give the results if you follow the same appropriately and timely as per given instructions. I work as a fitness coach and tell all the things that require attention for a good health. .

My experience and expertise

I have served the fitness industry for more than seven years. I have worked as a gym trainer, instructor,and successfully treated countless people. Also, I have furnished personal training services to many body building aspirants.

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